Safety in Production

Safety in Production

Safety in production is always the first priority of ChemChina’s operation principles. We aim to assure zero fatalities and prevent leakage, fire and accidents. ChemChina endeavors to assure all its staff to comply with the safety procedures and solve those problems, which may lead to unsafe behavior. In recent years, ChemChina has set up a safety management system of hazardous chemicals and taken combined methods of positive incentives and negative control to improve ChemChina’s safety production.

Safety Management System

Ren Jianxin, the president of ChemChina, has pointed out that we should keep in mind that safety is always the top priority of survival and development of chemical enterprises. ChemChina has always been trying to establish an effective safety management system, strengthen international communication and exchange, follow the company’s behavior principle of “Cherish life, enjoy living;.we don’t want profits with blood,” and actively introduce the HSE management system of Qenos in Australia. Meanwhile, to set up important examples of leadership and promote safety responsibility of staff also plays an important part in establishing safety management system.

HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental-protection) policy and commitment

The headquarters of ChemChina, contractors and all the subsidiaries both at home and abroad will follow the HSE policy and commitment to carry out safety management, including the zero-injuries goal and efficient management system. At present, ChemChina has already introduced the HSE system to make big progress.

The HSE policy provides all of the subsidiaries with a management framework. In light of the requirements of ‘ChemChina’s production safety implementation plan in 2009,’ ‘Management system of safety environmental protection,’ ‘Important notice of ensuring the supervision of dangerous chemicals and key equipments during Beijing Olympics,’ and ‘implementation of the national safety inspection during one hundred days,’ in 2009 ChemChina carried out inspection and management of safety risks and ‘Month of safety production’ and finally found 12,519 hidden dangers, 11,938 projects needed to be improved and 95.4% have been completed; 182 big dangers have been found and 169 solved; 41 risks were listed in the management plan, which efficiently prevented the accidents in Olympic period. All these measures ensure ChemChina’s management of safety production and improve the working environment with enough resources, skills, equipment, standards and processes.

Goal of Zero-accidents

ChemChina does not accept the idea that fatal accidents are an inevitable part of working in dangerous industries. On the contrary, ChemChina is confident that it can assure the safety of all its staff. In 2009, the Safety Commission Office began to seriously follow ChemChina’s instruction on safe production, focused on building a long-term safe-production mechanism, positively developed the investigation and management of safety risks and implemented the “Three Simultaneous” system of administrative licensing, which further reinforces the basis of safe production.

Personnel Safety

Personnel safety means that all the staff of ChemChina strictly follow the principles of safety production and operations. ChemChina has introduced a clearer safety principle which is easy for all the staff and contractors to understand and follow. To improve the traffic safety is still the focus of ChemChina, as the traffic accidents count for a large proportion of all incidents.

At present, ChemChina has greatly improved the safety of its pre-project process. According to the Eighth Decree of China’s State Administration of Work Safety, enterprises should attach great importance of the dangerous chemicals evaluation, safety design, pilot production program record, completed project safety evaluation and project assessment. In light of some the Chinese government’s environmental protection policies, enterprises should strictly carry out the inspection of “Safety, Environmental-protection and Occupational Health”. ChemChina has already checked several chemical projects under construction and required the uncompleted projects to strictly follow these policies. Meanwhile, ChemChina also hands in inspection materials to the State Administration of Work Safety to ensure the legality of the projects. Every subsidiary further completes the hazard file and emergency management system, makes emergency plans and prepares emergency equipment. Some companies have conducted on-site emergency drills more than 120 times.

Process Safety

Process safety ensures that facilities are designed, operated and maintained properly. We have a standard of process safety which can be applied to the company as a whole to guide the design and maintenance of chemical plants, petrochemical production facilities and other complex facilities. An independent experienced internal team will be responsible for checking the implementation of these standards at any time.

At present, ChemChina is constantly pushing forward the information management system of safety and environmental protection and has finished the building of our incident emergency exercise system. All the staff at our headquarters has received the training and tests by computer and improved their ability to deal with emergencies. Today, the system has been set up and the company will gradually push forward the information collection, summary and statistical analysis of subsidiary companies by building a network which combines safety, environmental protection and quality. So far, the security module is a under test and the module of quality and environmental protection has completed its initial stage.

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