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Syngenta joins the Race to Zero
Source: 农化总公司 Date: 2018-04-02

Syngenta has joined the Race to Zero campaign – a new global initiative encouraging companies to drive toward zero-carbon, zero-waste business practices, particularly in China.

Speaking at the campaign launch, CEO Erik Fyrwald said, “We have joined Race to Zero because it is important for the world and because we see climate change as critical to the future of our planet.”
Syngenta’s commitment in the Race to Zero is to help significantly reduce carbon emissions in China agriculture through soil conservation programs.
“We have learned much through implementing our Good Growth Plan – an initiative that has helped farmers all over the world increase crop yields, enhance soil quality and protect water by using modern seeds, crop protection and nutrient technologies, along with crop rotation and low soil tillage practices,” Erik explained.
“In China we are committed to helping more farmers adopt these leading practices and so we are further committed to enhancing soil health on at least 2 million more hectares of farmland over the next five years. This accounts for 2% of the farmland in China,” Erik said.
Syngenta’s commitment is based on current projects including, for example, our permanent green cover project in grape orchards in Shandong province. We will continue to scale up our efforts and are committed not only to the Race to Zero greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, but to also helping the agriculture-food system drive towards the goal of Zero Poverty and Zero Food Safety incidents.
To find out more about the Race to Zero campaign, go to the campaign’s website at:

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