Research & Development

The China National Agrochemical Corp (CNAC) contains several national-level scientific institutes, including the National Engineering Technology Center of Pesticide Formulations, National Enterprise Technology Center, the National Engineering Research Center of Chiral Drugs, Chiral Pesticide Base, and the National Engineering Research Center, Microbial Pesticide Validation Base. It also has four province-level enterprise technology centers, each of which is based on an enterprise and engaged in the research, development, processing and production of pesticide formulations, developing new products through advanced, innovative technologies, conducting production trials, and training scientific and technological personnel.

These enterprise research institutes include the Sanonda Technology Center, which has joint facilities with universities and research institutes; the Jiangsu Anpon Electrochemical Co, Ltd,. which established the Jiangsu Salt Chemical Industry Engineering Technology Center and an enterprise center for academics, with Nanjing University; and the Shandong Dacheng Group’s technology center which was established as a research base and a postdoctoral work station for the Shandong University of Technology. The CNAC now has a complete management system and operations that cover technological research and transfer and, product development. It also has a three-level scientific research and development network that encompasses technology centers, R & D sites, and technical teams.

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