Other Chemical Products

ChemChina Agrochemical Corporation (CAC) is the largest agrochemical producer in China, producing four categories of agrochemical products, i.e., pesticides, herbicides, germicides and plant growth regulators, with over 40 varieties of raw products and over 150 varieties of formulations. CAC is one of the largest and technically leading manufacturers of organic phosphorous insecticides and nonselective herbicides in China, and is also the world's largest producer of plant growth regulator ethephon. Its ddvp, dipterex, omethoate products hold a total share over 70% of the domestic market, while its many other products like glyphosate, paraquat, acephate, buprofezin, 2,4-D and chlorthalonil are all domestically leading. Its agrochemical intermediate businesses, including triazophos, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus spermine, HCCP and ortoluidine, are also domestically leading.

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