Expo 2010 through the group leaders' eyes
Feelings from visiting the 2010 Shanghai Expo

As the only representative of Shandong BlueStar Dongda Chemical Industry Company, I am honored to visit the 2010 Shanghai Expo, together with 89 other representatives (who also finished the “Remote Training Program of Central Enterprises”) from subsidiaries of ChemChina all over the country.

As planned, we visited the 2010 Expo and Huangpu River under the leadership of a tour guide. We learned about a lot of exotic cultures and histories during our visit. Meanwhile, after three days of activity, we all deepen our understanding of ChemChina and each other’s companies as well as communicate and discuss the problems we meet in our daily work. Some leaders answered our questions patiently, which will really help us in our future work.

According to Mr. Peng Weiping, the HR Director of BlueStar, more than 240 participants have finished the “Remote Training Program of Central Enterprises”. In the future, BlueStar will continue to award those excellent participators and mobilize them to visit abroad. Another new training program will soon start, and more staff has applied for it. The Company hopes that more and more staff will take part in it and learn more to improve their daily work, contributing to the company’s development.

Shandong BlueStar Dongda Chemical Industry (Group) Company, Wang Jian

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