Expo 2010 through the group leaders' eyes
ChemChina sends workshop leaders to visit 2010 Shanghai Expo

On May 23rd, ChemChina arranged for more than one hundred workshop leaders to visit the 2010 Expo in Shanghai.

Since the Shanghai Expo kicked off, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists. In order to improve the efficiency of their visit, the workshop leaders were separated into ten teams, which shortened the queuing time significantly.

They visited the exhibitions of different countries and enjoyed exotic treasures and dance performances. Although everyone was tired after a whole day’s worth of activity, they talked about what they had learned about different cultures with great interest.

In the evening, they visited the Huangpu River together and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The Oriental Pearl glimmers dazzlingly in the night and merges with other high buildings around it into a shining ocean of light. All of the delegates were gobsmacked by this beautiful scenery.

All of the delegates are qualified participants in the “Remote Training Program of Central Enterprises”. They are excellent workers in their positions and finished the training program brilliantly.

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