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Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Visited Beijing Innovation Center of Syngenta
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-11-28

On the afternoon of November 22, Mr. Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, visited Beijing Innovation Center of Syngenta, in the company of Yang Xingqiang, General Manager of China National Chemical Corporation Ltd. (ChemChina), Fan Xiaosen, Deputy General Manager, Chen Hongbo, President of China National Agrochemical Corporation, Qin Hengde, President of Syngenta China, and the heads of Syngenta China's seed and plant protection business teams.

Mr. Han firstly debriefed the introduction to Beijing Innovation Center of Syngenta by Zhang Bei, President of the Center. After that, he visited the breeding laboratory and greenhouse. Mr. Han and the companions had a detailed understanding of Syngenta's new product research & development and the application achievements. In particular, they listened to the introduction of new products for wheat scab, the research & development of seed coating agents, and the efficient control technologies and products for Spodoptera frugiperda.

During the visit, Qin Hengde introduced the basic situation of the SAS Alliance and the construction plan by the China Corn Seed Industry Technology Innovation Center. He mentioned that Syngenta would serve China's agriculture and the Rural Revitalization Strategy with richer products and more innovative technologies in plant protection, seed coating agents, seeds and traits.

Mr. Han pointed out that scientific and technological innovation plays a vital, indispensable and key leading role in promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. How to improve the scientific and technological inputs in agriculture is the subject being researched. The scientific and technological research & development of seed industry is the core issue of agricultural science and technology. SAS Alliance is committed to providing advanced solutions for China's agricultural modernization, being conducive to solving the major problems and key bottlenecks in the development of modern agriculture. Syngenta's technological and institutional innovations in agricultural research are encouraging. Its seven research & development centers around the world can provide different solutions from different perspectives.

Mr. Han also fully acknowledged the outstanding contributions that ChemChina has made in the agricultural field in recent years, especially in terms of technology investment. He encouraged ChemChina to continue to make greater contributions in agricultural enterprises modernization and serving farmers.

During a meeting, Ning Gaoning, President of ChemChina, who was on a business trip abroad, made an overseas call and exchanged views with Mr. Han on the future development of the SAS Alliance and Syngenta.

SAS Alliance is an agricultural resources cooperation and synergy platform of Syngenta, ADAMA, and Sinochem actively promoted by ChemChina and Sinochem.

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